The state primary is Sept. 13. When he talks to businesses in the Granite State, their needs overlap with his major campaign themes of bringing in an educated workforce, lowering energy rates and upgrading the infrastructure. “You get those things the way they need to be in terms of where the economy is going, that gets the companies coming in,” he said. He would start with making New Hampshire’s education system “world class” by funding public kindergarten and ensuring that students walk out of the classroom with career-ready skills, especially in the growing science, technology, engineering and math fields. To drive down energy costs, he would look to diversify the state with more renewables such as wind, solar and biomass projects. “Companies now can go to Texas, North Carolina, and pay less than half of what we’re paying for rates,” he said, calling for half the state’s energy to come from renewables by 2050. Connolly is also a strong proponent of government transparency and would seek to modernize state government. He supports the passenger rail plans to bring a commuter line from Boston to Nashua and Manchester.

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