Yes, it will be with all the attendant “Monday Night Football hoopla in Soldier Field and, yes, the Bears will be trying very hard not to fall into an 0-2 hole to start the season, but as stair steps go, this one isn”t that high. They could still trip, but the game is there to be had. After this game, the training wheels come off and the Eagles head into the big boy portion of their schedule, so they should take advantage of what is in front of them right now. There will be opportunities for rookie Carson Wentz ” Chicago has injuries to its starting right cornerback, starting strong safety and backup strong safety ” but the real chance to grab another win will come on the Eagles” defensive side of the ball. Wentz”s debut was promising, and maybe even more than that, but it was the defense that was truly impressive from start to finish on Sunday against the Browns. Griffin didn”t have anyone to throw to, and didn”t have much time when he did. The quarterback finished with a 55.0 quarterback rating, the lowest recorded on the opening weekend of the season, going into Monday night”s two games. Griffin completed just 12 passes and looked like someone trying to dodge through Frogger traffic all afternoon. What really makes the defense of coordinator Jim Schwartz work when it is at its best is entirely counter to the philosophy of Jim Johnson, the legendary coordinator under Andy Reid whom a lot of fans invoke when they express their hopes for the current team. Johnson loved to blitz the quarterback. Schwartz would prefer never having to do it.

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job hunting

job hunting

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