<img src="http://image.pottsmerc.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/persbilde?http://iansanchezbest.haralsoncounty.org/2016/11/02/uncovered-ideas-on-no-hassle-vocation-products/Avis=MP&ID=617″ width=’250px’ alt=’Evan Brandt’ align=’left’ /> Evan Brandt Digital First Media POTTSTOWN >> For employers in Pottstown, trying to find entry-level employees can be as hard as it is for out-of-work people to find an entry-level position. I hear it from employers all the time, said Steve Bamford, the executive director of PAID, the boroughs primary economic development agency. Its anecdotal, but theyre always telling me they have people who dont show up for scheduled interviews, or they have a hard time passing a drug screening, or after a week on the job, they have a problem and cant come in, he said. And thats why Bamford was pleased to hear Wednesday morning that a primary focus of the fledgling Pottstown Works program is not only to teach prospective employees how to write a resume and conduct an interview to land a job, but how to plan ahead so they can keep it . The programs aim is to do more than just help people find jobs, but to help them find and keep jobs with growth potential, jobs which pay living wages and can lift borough residents from poverty and government reliance into self-sustaining citizens. Recognizing that everything from child care, to health care, to lifes unforeseen circumstances can all conspire to make keeping a job a challenge for the newly employed, Cincinnati Works stays with those it helps to offer additional coaching, support and training to make sure they keep the job once they get it. Having a mentoring program that helps them be ready for the next step is really important, said Sheila Dugan, executive director of the Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority who was there for the presentation. So we will help people know that their car may break down, their child might get sick, that they need to have a plan B and a plan C, said Coleen McKnight, one of the three volunteers who has been helping those living in The Salvation Army homeless shelter find jobs and who teamed up with The Salvation Army for a grant to start Pottstown Works. The Cincinnati Works model also looks at things from the employers point of view everything from the time and effort it takes to train new employees, to what skills they need their workers to have in an effort to pair the right worker with the right workplace to reduce turn-over and increase job retention.

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